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COVID's Impact on Leadership

When we think of a quarantine, we think of a period of confinement … of waiting … of suspension of time and process. However, this detached solitude could also produce a period of re-birth, growth, or creativity.

Here are some great things from history done during a quarantine:

  • Isaac Newton was forced to go home when his university closed due to the Great Plague. While home, he performed several experiments to inform his laws of motion and gravity.

  • John Milton wrote Paradise Lost while in quarantine during the Great Plague.

  • William Shakespeare wrote some of his greatest works during his quarantine – King Lear, Macbeth, and Antony and Cleopatra.

It has been said that great leaders to great things. In fact, great leadership inspires great things. Whether your leadership is mediated through remote working technology or through a mask, the calling a leader heeds is immutable. What will be your next great thing?

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